Your Best Partner Premium EMS SESUNG


EMS specialized company, SESUNG

To help your idea come into the world as visible and graspable value,
and even with a rapidly changing environment, to help you firmly settle
as a core-company in your specialty, SESUNG takes a full charge of the
Entire manufacturing process from designing, prototyping, manufacturing
to warranty service. We have superior solutions with our experts at
every stage of manufacturing.

We have all resources to make your products successful.


Quick facts about SESUNG

  • 1Founded in South Korea in 1999.04
  • 2Specialized in Electronics Manufacturing Service
  • 3The best manufacturing partner
  • 4Provide All In One manufacturing service including component
    distribution, precision machining and mold & injection

Machine design,
Parts and materials
and inventory management
Product assembly
and manufacturing
Product final test
Product packaging
and inventory
  • 5One stop manufacturing service : Enable manufacturing only with ideas
  • 6Strategic partner for manufacturing : Strategically takes over manufacturing process and helps to focus on R&D capabilities
  • 7Flexibility : Enable manufacturing from High mix, Low volume to High volume, Low mix
  • 8Professional : Applicable to various business areas with 20 years of experience in key industries